stimulus overload
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Stimulus Overload
Survival Manual
by Jorjan Jane



Domestic Violence?

Difficult Relationships?

Disregard for the Law?

Hard Keeping a Job?

Thrill Seeker?


  STIMULUS OVERLOAD in paperback or on CD
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Stressed? Do you have too many thoughts flying around your brain at the same time, bombarding you with so many options that you can't choose which one takes precedence? Are your finances, job, and relationships jeopardized? Are you revved up and ready to go, but unable to make the right move?

It's not your fault. It comes from a chemical imbalance in the brain - a short circuit - that leaves you disorganized and impulsive. When you learn how to implement the coping mechanisms outlined in this book, you can make remarkable changes in your life.

Jorjan has an insatiable appetite for learning, evidenced by degrees in five different fields. This book is based on her personal experiences with stimulus overload and the difficulties of raising children with the same traits. She shares insights of the stressed and overwhelmed, drawing from her work as a motivational consultant and crisis counselor. Her years as a police officer allow her to give the reader a look at the devastating effects of rage and its aftermath.

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